Public Relations

nounthe professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.

PR management is a crucial part of building a brand that resonates with people; it is the conduit through which the company’s product, vision and message are shared with the gatekeepers of the masses. In other words, good PR builds genuine and lasting relationships with the media and tastemakers in order to maintain visibility, authenticity and a consistently superior reputation in front of the target markets.

The TerraRiva Inc. Way | At TerraRiva Inc., we value the relationships we have with the media and press, and work hard to nurture trust and partnerships that benefit our clients. Whether it’s for special events, product launches or long-term PR representation and image management, our team personally liases with the press and tailors each message and campaign according to the context and client’s objectives.

We combine the use of traditional PR elements such as press releases, private events and media pitches with the advantages of new media- social media management, monitoring press coverage on the internet and activating partnerships on digital platforms to maximize positive brand exposure.

We make sure not to rely solely on publicity and proactively initiate community outreach to engage with different groups to customize the message and offering. We have relationships with the San Francisco Bay Area Business community, with hospitality industry executives, international dignitaries, sports executives, celebrities, city officials, the LGBT community, the Latino community and many other opinion leaders and influencers.