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DESIGN & Development

We believe that each website should be as unique as the company, brand, and people it represents. It should be an engaging and informative medium for conveying a company’s style.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are no longer simply for phone calls, they have become an integral part of business and communication. They hold our correspondences across multiple platforms.

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Web Analytics enables businesses to draw a wide variety of insights to the kind of web traffic coming and going through their websites using sophisticated tracking technologies.

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Web Development
App Development
Social Media

Why We’re The Best Match For Your Business!


Reach more customers

We study how customers use media, which channels they consume and where they aggregate.


Drive more sales & conversions

Leverage our TerraRiva Inc. Interactive Network to profile your customers and create look-a-like targeting models.


Make it go further

Because we buy at scale and target so effectively, we can maximize your existing budget and make it go farther.


Maximize resources

TerraRiva Inc. delivers a “best in class” digital solution to our clients.

How We Help Clients

Media Planning: A media agnostic approach

At TerraRiva Inc., our job is to make sure your message is carried down the media channel(s) that has the best opportunity to reach and engage your target audience. Whatever your message, we help you deliver it down the right channel, to the right audience, at the right time – this is essential in order to engage and motivate customer behavior or response.

TerraRiva Inc.’s media agnostic approach means we create the right media mix that’s right for you and based on the lifestyle and media consumption habits of your customer. We believe this will deliver the best results for your money.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of putting more customers in your sales pipeline. In order to have an effective lead generation website, the conversion process must be simple, straightforward, and allow zero possibility for the user to get lost in the process.

Here’s how we can help your website produce more leads:

  1. Use TerraRiva Inc.’s Interactive Network to identify where your customers congregate online and place ads to capture attention on these targeted sites.
  2. Create easy-to-fill out contact pages for customers to ask for only essential info like name and email.
  3. Offer incentives, something for FREE in order to get contact information or leads.
  4. Identify which of your web pages are leading customers to your lead generation page.
  5. Determine which sources of traffic are generating users that convert to leads.
  6. Identify which keywords and search engines are generating leads. We can use this information to help develop pay per click campaigns, banner campaigns, and SEO objectives that will further drive leads.

Increase Web Traffic

There are literally hundreds of different ways to drive traffic to your website. Some methods, like paid search, can start delivering targeted traffic instantly; while other methods, like search engine optimization, can take several months to start showing results.

Another important consideration is the stage your customers are in the purchase funnel. Do you need to generate overall awareness or do you have a leak in your purchase funnel? We help you identify where you can have the greatest impact on driving revenue, whether at the beginning of the purchase funnel, in between or somewhere toward the end.

Here’s how TerraRiva Inc. can help increase and maintain your web traffic:

  1. Drive high quantity and quality of customers to your site through paid search, SEO, social media, and websites targeted contextually, behaviorally, and demographically.
  2. Understand where you are sending buyers versus browsers. Your website needs to be setup to accommodate customers at different stages of the purchase funnel.
  3. Identify what web pages are performing what purchasing funnel role, analyze how well they are performing and address underperforming pages.
  4. Identify where your purchasing funnel is losing purchases and conversions.
  5. Enhance user experience around these identified leaks.




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Mira Jewellery

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Single and Hating It





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