Marketing Strategies

termthe goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Nowadays, the world of marketing often appears crowded and confusing, with traditional approaches like PR, direct mail and guerilla marketing competing with edgy, digital and interactive media and campaigns for a voice. From grassroot marketing to crowdsourcing, companies are looking to engage with their consumers like never before. The challenge to keep things exciting, interesting and memorable can be a daunting task.

The TerraRiva Inc. Way | Thankfully, at TerraRiva Inc., we’re up to the challenge! From grassroot marketing to trending, we get a kick out of customizing programs to accurately target your audience on digital, online, out-of-home, print and social media platforms. We emphasize multifaceted marketing strategies, focusing on everything from unconventional approaches and cutting-edge style to integrated mass media and custom campaigns. We thread traditional marketing with cutting-edge digital marketing and make sure each campaign fully integrates the different media platforms in a synergetic, cohesive way.