Internet Marketing


term : Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from web sites or emails.

Web Analytics enables businesses to draw a wide variety of insights to the kind of web traffic coming and going through their websites using sophisticated tracking technologies. Gathering analytics linked to one’s website informs businesses in planning their strategy for reaching target audiences online with more efficiency by using popular search terms and relevant content.

The TerraRiva Inc. Way | We use updated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools and techniques to drive targeted traffic to your website. With extensive keyword identification we optimize the SEO and SEM capabilities. Our development team will increase your brand exposure and audience engagement to spike your sales.

Our marketing and branding team will also consistently generate relevant and engaging content to keep you on the top of search engine lists.

Pay Per Click, PPC Marketing

TerraRiva Inc. Marketing can save you time and money by keeping pace with complexities of running and managing an effective PPC campaign.

TerraRiva Inc. is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, managing campaigns ranging from small geo-targeted regional campaigns to massive global campaigns. Regardless of your scope and budget, TerraRiva Inc. delivers results.

Google Certified AdWords Partner

TerraRiva Inc. performs in-depth keyword research prior to starting your campaign. Once we go live with your campaign, we use proven management methods, which maximize exposure while making the most out of your budget.

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Campaign strategy and implementation
  • Geo-targeting to reach your core audience
  • Bid managing to ensure you do not overpay for clicks
  • Scheduling (day-parting) to specific times and days
  • Writing high quality, effective ad copy and split testing
  • Strategies to improve your landing pages & Word Quality Scores
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • eCommerce integration

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising offers hyper targeting and massive reach.

TerraRiva Inc. integrates with both the Facebook Exchange (FBx) as well as the Facebook platform to target Facebook users using a complex matrix of interests, demographic filters, data points and geo-targeting to define exactly where and to whom your advertising will be displayed.

We help clients maximize the power of Facebook advertising in an effective and cost efficient manner with a Facebook campaign that includes:

  • In depth demographic research to target the correct prospects
  • Research into interests groups to provide specialized targeting
  • Image selection and processing
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization taking 5 decoupled ads (image, headline & copy) and creating 125 iterations optimized based on performance
  • Ad copy creation and split testing to produce ads that get noticed and clicked
  • Frequent campaign optimization to remove non performing ads and campaign segments
  • Tracking for conversions and revenue metrics behind conversion
  • Detailed reporting so clients can easily evaluate each campaign
  • Facebook advertising is highly targeted and an important component of any digital campaign.

LinkedIn Advertising

Get the attention of more than 400M professionals with LinkedIn Onsite Display

Accurately target members on LinkedIn and engage them in a professional context with IAB-standard ads, plus formats unique to LinkedIn like Follow Company Ads, Spotlight Ads, Join Group Ads, and more.

Reach your target prospects wherever they travel online with LinkedIn Network Display.

Keep the right professionals engaged again and again, wherever they go online to make sure your brand stays top of mind.

Track the impact of your display ads.

Know exactly how effective your LinkedIn Display Advertising is through built-in campaign and website analytics.

Here’s what you can do with Display Advertising:

  • Reach a high-value audience of business professionals on and off LinkedIn
  • Target just the right people to increase brand awareness with those who matter most
  • Drive quality traffic to your site and measure the exact impact of your ads